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[Master Post] Requests

R E Q U E S T S!

If any of you like the works that we have here in the community, we are willing to take requests but we can't guarantee if we can do it right away -- especially if it's a fanvid since making a fanvid needs a lot of time in hand.

Just tell us the specific graphic you want, may it be a [a] BANNER [b] HEADER [c] GIFs [D] Wallpapers [E] Icons [F] Fanvid

Here are some simple steps if requesting:


1. Send us HQ copy of the photo that you want as well as the width x height that you need.

2. Feel free to include if you have a design or theme in mind that you want.


1. You can request either by just 1 or by batches.

2. You can set a specific dimension especially the width.

2. If needed, we will be asking you for the link of the video to be used.


1. You are free to suggest about the theme and the music that you want to be used.

2. This one needs a lot of time and not to mention mood as well so I request that if you will be requesting a fanvid, have a longer patience ^^


Glad to take requests from you!! =D
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