[Announcement] VOTING: KAT-TUN 10th Anniversary Contest!

It's time to reveal the entries! Since it is in conjunction with their 10th anniversary, we asked for the usage of ten (10) KAT-TUN songs into a dedication message - may it be a in a form of poem, letter or just anything.

We have received a total of five (5) entries and I'm grateful to all the participants who joined this contest. To vote, just comment here for your chosen entry. Comments are screened~ Voting period will be until March 22, 2016.

Anyway, here are the entries so PLEASE TAKE TIME TO READ AND VOTE for your favorite entry VOTING IS NOW CLOSED :D

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[Announcement] KAT-TUN 10th Anniversary Contest! (CLOSED)

Hello. It has come to this month and slowly gearing up towards their 10th anniversary. Although we’re looking at a 3-nin group soon and with a hiatus on May, the community in collaboration with chronicles_of_u, has decided to still celebrate this milestone through a contest again.

Recently, we have been given a chance to vote for our Top 10 songs that will be included in their upcoming album. With that in the background, we are asking the interested participants to pick their 10 songs and use the titles to create an entry.

This can be easy and some of you are very familiar with it as I’ve seen some people do this already so might as well just submit them as entries and get the chance to win some goodies while celebrating their 10th year anniversary at the same time.

Speaking of goodies, since this might be the last contest in the community(given the nearing hiatus), we are looking at having 3 winners for this one (1st prize, 2nd prize and 3rd prize).

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[Announcement: Winner] Kamenashi 30th Birthday Raffle Contest

Announcing here the winner to the recently concluded raffle contest for Kamenashi's birthday!


The winner will get these four (4) shop photos:

Kindly PM me your details and other information

♥Thank you to those who joined and we look forward on people joining again for next contest that we are planning for KAT-TUN's 10th Anniversary!

[Announcement] Kamenashi 30th Birthday Celebration!

[Raffle Contest:CLOSED]
To celebrate his birthday today, the community has some give aways. Simply comment to this post any birthday wishes/greetings that you have for him and you are automatically included in the raffle.

This will run until February 26, 11:00PM (Japan Time) and announcement of the winner will be on February 28, 2016. Winner will be picked randomly via a computer-generated tool either Miniwebtool or Randompicker

The winner will get these four (4) shop photos:

Also, feel free to comment even if you don't want to join in the raffle. Just mention it so your name won't be included :)


Additionally, I'm sharing here some Kamenashi animated gifs to go with the celebration as well.



[Announcement: Raffle Contest] Taguchi 30th Birthday Raffle Winner

In conjunction to Junnosuke Taguchi’s 30th Birthday, the community has arranged a dedication post where every entry by participants will be included in a raffle contest. After randomly shuffling all the participant’s username, we have concluded that the winner to this raffle is... *drum rolls*

[Winner is... /drum rolls]

The raffle was done using miniwebtool and this is the screencap to the result.

The stated winner above will receive the following prizes:
☆One [1] copy from Taguchi’s “9uarter” Photoset
☆Six [6] page clippings from Japan Movie Magazine 2014 Jan issue featuring Taguchi
☆Wink Up 2014 magazine Jan issue featuring KAT-TUN

To the stated winner above: Kindly PM itz_menos your details so you can arrange the sending of the prizes💓

For the rest who have participated, we are very thankful for the lovely entries you have sent in and so we decided to give a little bonus of graphic request!! You may request any kind of graphics by commenting the details in this post and the requests will be accepted by either me (theyre_kattun) or itz_menos

Thank you so much everyone for participating in Taguchi’s 30th birthday celebration and we look forward to receiving your requests!