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[ Art of Clarity ]

A KAT-TUN Graphics Community which also features random OTP OF THE DAY post

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Art of Clarity
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KAT-TUN Wallpapers, headers, banners, icons, & animated GIFs
.Community Info.
♥ This is a KAT-TUN graphics community where the works of itz_menos, shion_westwood & theyre_kattun are being posted and shared to every fangirl who loves the group.
♥ You will find here wallpapers, headers, banners, fanvids, icons & animated gifs of either the whole group or the individual members.
♥ We also post random "OTP OF THE DAY" featuring adorable moments of your favorite KAT-TUN pairings through a banner and animated gif/s.
.Community Rules.
Since we choose not to put watermark or logo on all the graphics that we make, we only have these simple rules that we wish you could comply:
[1] We make graphics for the reason that we could share them to you and for you to use them so reposting is acceptable, just please do not edit and/or claim them as yours.
[2] When sharing in tumblr or any blog that you have especially the animated gifs, please refrain from reposting the whole batch. Posting a couple will do and you can just direct them to the post for them to enjoy everything.
[3] Credit is not really mandatory but if you feel the want to give credits, kindly use art_of_clarity.

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